The FESPM refers to the Spanish Federation of Mathematics Teacher’s Societies. This is a non-profit organization with 21 Mathematics Teacher’s Societies and 5,000 members. It has been said that this is a unique organization that gathers mathematics teachers from all pre-university educational levels. The said organization also has a collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Education. In addition to this, many of its associated Mathematics Teacher’s Societies have agreements with their corresponding Regional Educational Administrations.  All mathematics teachers play a very important role and helps every learner.

All of the organization related to mathematics is a great help especially to students. Anybody who is interested in mathematics education such as primary, secondary, and tertiary teachers have a very important role. The FESPM is a helpful organization not only in Spain. Before this organization was formed, the JAEM was born. According to the history of the organization, a decision was made in December 1980 wherein they decided to organize a series of regular meetings for teachers of EGB, BUP, FP, and University with a very important goal.

The organization have a goal to enhance the exchange of experiences, methodological renewal and reflection on their work. For this, the Days on Learning and Teaching of Mathematics were born. As for the activity or events held by the organization, there is the Conference wherein it is regarded as an emblematic activity of the Federation and that it has to be used as a forum for reflection including debate, training, and a meeting place and exchange in Mathematics Education.